**Held in open floors or conference rooms, yoga mats and work out clothes are NOT necessary for the Waking practice sessions. Read more about our different programs and book your first trial session Today!

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The Waking Practice Sessions

Mindfulness Meditation

Our 30 minute Mindfulness Meditation sessions include easy shoulder and neck stretches to relieve tension, relaxing breathing practices to reset the mind and a guided mindfulness-based meditation that promotes focused attention.

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Chair Yoga

Our 30 minute Chair Yoga sessions focus on releasing tension by targeting neck, shoulder and back relief through “chair yoga” stretches. These sessions include gentle movements and relaxing breath practices to reduce physical and mental stress.

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Mat Yoga

Our 60 minute yoga session is vinyasa based, where an emphasis is placed on linking breath and movement.  What makes the Waking Practice sessions different is our emphasis on what is needed for the modern office worker. For those that sit throughout the day, there is a general tendency for the back of the body to weaken while the front body tightens. We personalize this session through an initial survey of employees to find out how they’re physically spending their days so that we can customize mat yoga for them.

This session does require a change of clothing and yoga mats.



One 30 minute Session: $200

4 or more Sessions $150 per Session

One 60 minute Session: $250

4 or more Sessions $200 per Session

**Reach out at info@wakingpractice.com for more information.