Sessions Offered

**No yoga mat or work out clothes necessary

 Mindfulness Meditation

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Our 30 minute Mindfulness Meditation sessions include easy shoulder and neck stretches to relieve tension, relaxing breathing practices to reset the mind and a guided mindfulness-based meditation that promotes focused attention.

Mindful Yoga-Based Stretching

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Our 30 minute yoga-based stretching sessions focus on releasing tension by target neck, shoulder and back relief through “chair yoga” stretches. Held in open floors or conference rooms, these sessions include gentle movements and relaxing breathing practices to reduce physical and mental stress.

Stretch, Breathe and Meditate

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Our signature 45 minute Stretch, Breathe and Meditate session includes Yoga Based stretches and breath centered movement followed by a short Mindfulness Meditation. This 45 minute session is a complete reset for the office worker.