Learn to be more awake in your body

and more present in mind while at work.

Mindfulness Meditation Session

Mindfulness is the practice of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can reduce stress and increase mental clarity. Mindfulness training is developed through meditation practices that focus on breath awareness and present sensations. Our 30 minute meditation sessions include accessible chair yoga based stretches that prepare the body to be able to sit and practice meditation with more ease.

Chair Yoga Session

Every yoga pose is adaptable and meant to fit the practitioner, rather than the practitioner fitting the pose.  Chair yoga takes mat yoga to an accessible level without the need to change into workout clothing. Yoga will be done sitting in the chair and standing behind it. Breathing and movement is linked in a calming way that targets joint movement, and the stretches are tailored for the modern office worker, targeting common areas of tension.

Mat Yoga Session

The yoga we offer is vinyasa based, where an emphasis is placed on linking breath and movement.  What makes the Waking Practice sessions different is our emphasis on what is needed for the modern office worker. For those that sit throughout the day, there is a general tendency for the back of the body to weaken while the front body tightens. We personalize this session through an initial survey of employees to find out how they’re physically spending their days in order to customize mat yoga for them. This 60 minute session does require a change of clothing and yoga mats. If you’re interested in our mat yoga sessions, please inquire about an example survey.

Jodi Epstein, Founder

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As founder of the Waking Practice sessions, Jodi brings meditation and adaptable chair yoga practices to companies with high demand work settings. With 12 years of teaching experience and over 500 hours of yoga, meditation, and associated trainings, she leads yearly retreats and workshops that emphasize mindfulness practices. Jodi is passionate about making yoga and meditation accessible for everyone, and has worked with a vast range of ages and demographics. As a musician, she is the founder and creator of “Jodi the Yogi”, an online yoga and music program for preschoolers, which has reached thousands of children worldwide.